Heather Maloney Discography

Razor's Edge (2009)
Time and Pocket Change (2011)
Heather Maloney (2013)
Woodstock (2014)
Making Me Break (2015)
Just Enough Sun (2018)

Track Listings:
Razor's Edge

Time and Pocket Change
 Fifty Lines
 Time & Pocket Change
 Quantum Physics
 Forgotten Things
 No Shortcuts
 Basket of Biscuits
 All of You at Once
 Nightstand Drawer
 The Hollow
 A Room of My Own
 Be Satisfied

Heather Maloney
 Great Impostor
 Hey Broken
 Fire For You
 Dirt and Stardust
 Iron Bull
 Turn Yourself Around
 Miss Mary Mack
 Flying on Helium

 You Forget
 Roadside Lily
 No Shortcuts

Making Me Break
 Linger Longer
 Word for Word
 Making Me Break
 Rather Be Free
 Hey Serena
 Eighteen Fifty-Five
 Oh, Hope, My Tired Friend
 Day With You
 Nightstand Drawer

Just Enough Sun
 Let Me Stay
 Albert 1-5
 Don't Be A Pansy
 Something Worse Than Loneliness
 A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

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