Gothard Sisters Discography

Celtic Rainbow (2009)
Story Girl (2011)
Compass (2013)
Mountain Rose (2015)

Track Listings:
Celtic Rainbow
Sleepy Maggie
Taking Flight
The Rocks Of Bawn
Paddy's Green Shamrock Shores
The Climb
Orange Blossom Special
Death By Triple Fiddle
Both Sides Now
Celtic Rainbow
Auld Lang Syne

Story Girl
The Sailor And The Mermaid
Raglan Road
Celebration Reel
Scarborough Fair
Willow's Waltz
A Girl You Don't Meet Every Day
Midsummer Jigs
It's The Little Things
The Three Coins
Fields Of Athenry
Marching On

Water Is Wide
The Landing
Solid Ground
Call And The Answer
Fairy Dance Jig
The Whistling Gypsy Rover
Feast Of The Elven King
Danny Boy
Flying Sails

Mountain Rose
Queen of Argyll
The Bandit
I Courted a Sailor
Cat in a Bush
The Boatman's Call
St. Anne's Reel
Grace O'malley
Mountain Rose Waltz
Auld Lang Syne
Chaos in La Casa
All Through the Night
It Was Beautiful

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