Erik Friedlander Discography

Block Ice & Propane (2007)
Volac: Book of Angels Volume 8 (2007)
Alchemy (2010)
Bonebridge (2011)
Claws and Wings (2013)

Track Listings:
Block Ice & Propane
 King Rig
 Dream Song
 Airstream Envy
 Road Weary
 Night White
 Block Ice & Propane
 A Thousand Unpieced Suns
 Rusting In Honeysuckle
 Cold Chicken
 Pressure Cooking
 Valley of Fire

Volac: Book of Angels Volume 8

 Wag (after John Berryman)
 The Wrong Answers
 Lee Av
 Folly (for Ken Follett)
 Assassins or Bridgeblowers
 Catching Hold
 Gentle Bonds
 Allegiance (for Alan Furst)
 Out, Out (after Robert Frost)

 Low Country Cupola
 Beaufain Street
 The Reverend
 Caribou Narrows
 Hanky Panky
 Bridge To Nowhere
 Down At Bonebridge

Claws and Wings
 Frail as a Breeze, part I
 Frail as a Breeze, part II
 Dreams of Your Leaving
 Reaching Back
 Swim With Me
 Cheek to Cheek

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