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These were our house budgies:
Banana Split (yellow male, despite the pinkish cere). He just flew out the window and was snatched by a crow (14 Nov 2015). It's very quiet in the house without any birds
  (Jungle and Banana Split came from Rebecca and family, 15 Apr 2012)
Angel (pale blue, white, and a touch of rose, 9 May 2015 and, sadly, escaped a couple days later)
Grey (grey male, arrived 28 May 2007, escaped 6 Jul 2014)
Jungle (green/blue male, died 28 May 2014)
Moss (moss-green male; died in early 2009)
Percy (green male, we got him for Christmas 2009, died winter of 2010-2011)
Bo (yellow female, died Feb 2011)
Buddy (blue female, died mid-April 2012)
And, back in the ancient days, we had Anthony and Morgan, but I've only got one picture of them, with Buddy and Bo and our parrot, Keku.

budgie song

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